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States with the highest application and acceptance of one-time student loan debt relief

February 23, 2023
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On January 27, 2023, the Whitehouse confirmed that 26 million Americans across all 50 states applied for, and/or were granted, one-time debt relief. Under this plan, the United States federal government would provide up to $20,000 to individuals who earn at maximum $125,000 per year. Aimed to help borrowers on the cusp of delinquency, 16 million Americans will actually receive the planned relief.

So what states had the highest amounts of applicants and accepted applications? We broke it down to the top 5.


Topping the list at number one across all 50 states, California reigned supreme with 2,315,000 applications. Of those over two million applicants, 1,473,000 were fully-approved for relief. That's roughly 64% of all applicants being fully-approved.


Coming in as number two was the Lone Star State. Texas had a whopping 2,163,000 applicants. With a population around 30 million people, it came very close to California (~40 million people) in number of applications for relief. Of those 2,163,000 applicants, 1,391,000 were granted approval for relief. Nearly identical to California, 64% of Texans who applied for the relief program received approval.


The Sunshine State came in at number three with 1,598,000 applications and 1,047,000 approvals. Edging both Texas and Florida in percent accepted, 65% of Floridians who applied received approval for relief.

New York

Roughly 1,549,000 New Yorkers applied for One-Time federal student loan relief. That's nearly the entire population of Manhattan! However, only 998,000 were granted relief approval. Similar to California, Texas, and Florida, percentage-wise, the Empire State came bore of applicants 64% approved for support.


Taking the fifth spot in the most applicants for relief was Pennsylvania. Nearly 1,157,000 people applied for relief. Of that total, 743,000 were granted approval for the program. Roughly 64% of Pennsylvanians who applied for relief received it.

In total, of the 26,260,000 Americans who applied for one time student loan relief, 16,486,000 received approval. Roughly 9,700,000 Americans who applied for the program were ultimately denied approval. Of the nearly 45 million Americans who are indebted to the government via student loan debt, 37% will see some relief through this program. It can be stated, however, that the up to $20,000 in relief is a treatment for the student debt crisis and not a cure. For individuals on the top end of the spectrum who are likely higher earners and thus more likely to have more debt, the relief will slow the pain of compounding interest, but not cease it. For those that did not qualify, of course, they are still obligated to repay the full amount of their loans if they are not on a relief plan.

This is where Blissfund comes in. As we work towards launch later in 2023, we are working to help indebted Americans demolish as much of their debt as possible and as safely as possible.

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